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Subscriber Benefits 
  After creating an equity portfolio with extreme ease (less than a minute), subscribers gain access to online tools without any need for required research, since we not only provide the suggested stocks, but the quantity as well.  In addition, subscribers are automatically notified of market opportunities to include suggested transactions.

  • Setup your portfolio in less than a minute
  • Automatically generate a list of suggested stocks and number of shares to buy
  • Spend only "minutes" each week updating and tracking your portfolio
  • Be notified of timely buy and sell opportunities via e-mail
  • You can be assured that your portfolio only contains morally responsible companies 

    One of the numerous benefits is the small amount of time (less than three minutes a week) it takes to update and track your portfolio in conjunction with your online brokerage account, as the virtual portfolio is designed to mirror your online brokerage account.  Moreover, you can add your own transactions or accept the automated pending transactions provided by's tools allow you to compare your portfolio's performance to that of the major indices to include insight as to how each stocks is contributing to the overall performance.

7 Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required